Scooter RENTALS available at Soper's!


Some scooter models are not eligible for Medicare reimbursement due to their size. A home assessment will be needed before a scooter will be covered by insurance.

Soper's has an assortment of scooters on the showroom floor. Please come into the store and test-drive one today. Our Mobility Specialist is happy to talk about whether or not a scooter will be covered by your insurance.

Scooters are available in a range of sizes. Some models weigh less then 100 pounds and will easily disassemble for transportation. Scooters are available in three and four-wheel models.

Scooters are available with weight capacities up to 600 pounds.

Scooters are covered by most insurance companies if the medical criteria are met. Medicare will pay for a scooter if it is needed in the home to compete one or more Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living. Medicare will not pay for scooters for outdoor mobility only.