Soper's offers a cushion and adjustable tension back on most of our Insurance-billed wheelchairs.

High-Strength Lightweight:  This chair is for a person who needs a chair long term, uses it more than a few hours per day or needs a lower seat height for foot propelling. This chair also offers more features for seating components. Weight of this chair is between 24 and 3 lbs and is usually made of high strength aluminum.

Standard: This chair is for a person who weighs less then 250 lbs, and may only need a wheelchair short term (i.e. Post Surgery). These chairs usually weigh over 35 lbs and are typically made of steel.

Manual Wheelchairs are covered by most insurance companies if they are medically necessary. A prescription from your doctor will be needed to begin the process of receiving a wheelchair through your insurance. Manual wheelchairs come in wide array of sizes, colors, styles and weights.

Manual Wheelchairs

Custom Manual: Custom Manuals range from tilt in space to Titanium. This group also includes bariatric and sports chairs. This is the broadest group of chairs and may not be covered by insurance.

Ultra-lightweight: Ultra lightweight chairs are designed for people with special circumstances. They are available in rigid frame and folding frame. these chairs are the lightest of the manuals weighing between 14 and 24 lbs.